Sunday, July 09, 2006

Living it up in Moscow!

Our second day in the Russian Federation and the place is all Rs backwards.... BOOM BOOM!

Ahem... anyway, storys of danger and death are well exagerated. After a suprisingly short plane journey we got in late last night(bad yes, could have driven around the world 13 times and emitted the same amount of Carbon, don't have a defense for this... - promise never to drive a car!). Had to arrange a train to St Petersburg and register our visas, all very straightforward to be honest and not the stress we'd been led to belive. However have been unable to attend the Libertarian Forum today due to sorting these things out.

It's bastard hot here, painfully so to be honest. Have spent alot of time in metro stations, which are well plush, apparantly Stalin wanted them to be 'People's Palaces' and ol' Joe managed that (even if he was a mass murdering cunt!!). Most Russians are a bit conservative and frown on playfighting, burping, shouting, or snogging in public, which has been a bit difficult for us unreconstructed Welsh... no real problems though, if a few stern looks at our inpromtue waterfight on the metro....

Vegan food isn't that forthcoming generally but bread and pickled mushrooms are always good!!! As we were in the centre we did a little sightseeing, unfortunatley dead Lenin was shut... but the Kremlin was open, got whistled at by cops alot for leaving the paths, which made for fun and games...

We are staying in a flat with alot of international activists which is sweet, it seems the Russian legal system isn't that much different to the UK in terms of activism (even if the punishment is a fair bit harsher) , certainly nothing near the bullshit scare stories *some people* have been spewing out in the UK for the last few months.

Promise to have more politics and real shit tomorrow, been finding our feet today to be honest


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