Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Up and down Nevsky prospect, off and on the road, A policeman, a policeman, whoops we've been arrested"
(to the tune of round and round the mulkberry bush)

Seems like years since the last post and don't really know where to begin... Saterday was a washout to be quite frank. lack of organisation was a real problem, but rather than point any fingers, we'll just draw a veil over it and move onto Sunday... (cop out!!)

At half eight in the morning a disperate group decided to block the road outside the
Radisson hotel where many G8 delegates were staying for the summit. This is situated in the heart of St. Petersburg and had shitloads of pretty non-cops in police uniform for the cameras (common in russia apparantly), traffic cops, 'regular' cops, riot-cops, robocops, miltia & human steriod machines in uniform. Armed with an impressive array of bludgions, trunchions, pistols, machine guns, bad teeth, stupid faces & no sense of humour.

Needless to say everyone was arrested after a few short minutes of unfurling banners and getting the FUCK G8 chant into full swing.

Will post more about the arrest later as I need to get transport out of russia sorted now as visas have been revoked. we were all held for between 2-3 days, though as I've only been out a short time it's hartd to get a full picture.

I would quickly say, russian lock up ain't so bad really (as prisons go, y'know, its obviously shit) but in the scheme of things, given how the vast majority of the people in the world eck out of harsh brutal short existance (thanks to scum like the G8) it's nothing to complain about. As hard, uncomfortable, dirty and unplesant it undoubtably was, it is NOTHING to the daily horror and violence the wealthy elite force to the poor peoples of this planet!

You can see many reports of actions (some of which we were involved in) in the links section to the right ->


Blogger Clint Iguana said...

Can't leave you lot alone for five minutes without you getting in trouble.

5:18 PM  
Blogger CosmoAKAcitizensmith said...

Thoughts with all of you. Take care and hope 2 catch up soon.


9:47 PM  

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