Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We want our mams! Two of us home and dry, three welsh anarchos left in the Russian federation

The last three of us were released from jail in St. Pete at 9am yesterday after a 48 hour sentence, with three other activists from Poland, Germany and Belarus (thank you for the company and entertainment) . We were all ok and our 2nd and last night in prison was made more comfortable by a visit from the medics who brought some bedding and food (thank yous!!!). While the coppers behaved themselves when the medic was there, after she left, our requests to use the toilet during the night were ignored despite our banging on the cell door and shouting for over an hour. In the end a plastic bottle sufficed...

At 4am we were woken by some uniformed toss from immigration in order to sign a statement (in Russian) that meant we agreed to leave the country by 19th July as our Visas had been revoked via a nice big red stamp on the Russian visa in our passport .

On our release we were greeted by the UK medics and other international and Russian activists which was much appreciated. Our problem then was how to get out of the country in time. Two of us had flights last night which we just managed to get after travelling across the country to Moscow, but the other two welsh anarchos don't have flights til 26th July. We tried to find out from the British consluate what the consequences would be if we didn't leave by the time our visas expired but they all they could do was advise us that we should leave. The last three welsh anarchos remain in Russia. They are still trying to work out how best to get home and we are trying to keep in touch.
One of them is considering staying to continue solidarity work as we are worried what the consequences could be for Russian activists when Western activists have left and the pressure on the police to behave is gone.

I think we all agreed that being arrested and detained in Russia was not bed- shitting experience we thought it would be. Thank yooooos all who worked hard to pester the fuck out of the Britsh consulate. Without the food, water, fags and pressure on the police they provided, things would have been a lot more unpleasant. Our mates in Cardiff, Newport and south wales did alot of solidarity work and media stuff so thank you and we love yous isn't it! The work must continue though to support those still imprisoned and repressed in Russia.


One of the five Welsh anarchos avoided arrest at the action on Nevsky Prospect on Sunday but went and got himself nicked at the Pink and Silver action. Thankfully he was released without charge or beating after 6 hours and is still at large.

Updates here when we get them...


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