Wednesday, July 19, 2006

G8 2006 , What it was, was...

Whilst we were away them what didn't cross Offa's Dyke were busy wioth stuff at home, here's a run down. we'll post photos later (they were taken but not by techie people so we'll scan 'em at some point!):

"G8 solidarity action in Cardiff

For a few hours the centre of cardiff had access to free vegi burgers and information about the G8 and its role in creating and sustaining poverty.

"SOME PEOPLE EAT NOTHING BECAUSE G8 EVERYTHING" was the slogan spread to shoppers in cardiff today. Local activists gave this wake up call a year after Bob "the baby killer" geldoff (or whatever his name is) and his white-shirted live 8 protesters took to the streets of edinburgh.
Our message however, was the same as it was then, that the distribution of food in the world is unfair and that those responsible (the leaders of the G8) should NOT be bargained with, but should be STOPPED.
We have good friends protesting in Russia right now, some we know but most we will never meet.
I was suprised and heartened by the positive reactions we had from people, many of whom were persuaded not to go to macdonalds for their lunch, but to try one of our vegan burgers. At first many were cautious even suspiscious, but these capitalist induced preconceptions were soon dissolved and replaced by nods of understanding and words of encouragement. The police on the other hand went to burger king, shortly after giving up their attempt to intimidate us..... check out the pictures of their silly comical behaviour.... hahaha.
This was not a publicity stunt or a direct action but it was a very effective and practical way of getting through to a lot of people, and having the chance to show them an example of an alternative to the way of life we are all supppressed into.


"Anti-G8 graffiti discovered all over cardiff!

Someone's been busy, and they left their mark.... all over the bare walls of cardiff's city centre.

Great to see so much anti-g8 graffiti in Cardiff, Tony, George Bono and their 'mates' did f*@k all at last year's summit for the poor of the world, and they'll do even less this time. I took a picture of some slogans on a board outside the masonic temple of all places!
I'm inspired to go on a trip to Germany next year where i think we will have a real chance of shutting them down.
Solidarity and big respect for all those in Russia and to all those around the world involved in day to day struggles against oppression.
I'm off to buy a balaclava and some paint. I might not be able to fight the oppressors with force but i can fight them with words, until enough people are angry.... "


Apparantly there will be there will be a demonstration in solidarity with everyone arested in St
Petersburg on Friday 21st July at 1pm outside the Russian Embassy in London
Address: 6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W 8 4QP, UK. We are thinking of trying to make it down if

Here is a link to the memoirs of a polish friend who was nicked with us, this person was a great person to be arrested with, and talks more about the experiance of the arrest than we can be bothered to, they were good company!:48 hours of arrest in Petersburg. Memories of Warsaw anarchist

This is the blog of the only other activists from the UK who made it to the protests
medicstastebetter they were a great help for the last three left in nick on the last night! the Jammy Gwent boy who got released the night before was able to meet up with some of the russian and bealrussian punks the medics trainned before the summit, and though they did not have need of their new skills for these actions they were clearly going to come in handy for all the actions they have planned in the future!! they also fed us well and took us to a shower! Cheers! Cheers also to all the fellow anarcho-punks who helped me get the last train to moscow monday night with only minutes to spare! It was great to have some beer!!

Total respect to enthusastic, angry hopeful russian activst anarchists who stand as a shining example of the nature of the anarchist movement. We may not be in a postion to fight the state in a way thet might destroy it we ARE ABLE to be "a seed behinth the snow" a reminder that another way of living is not only a possibilty but also a better way for the world to live, and that it is always worth fighting for it, that some will.

The best resource for anyone looking to get in contact with any activst from eastern europe is via the very excellent ABOLISHING THE BORDERS FROM BELOW we will be selling copies of these on a regular basis from next issue onwards. Its very the best english language magazine most of us have read for a while.

Here a run down of what happened elsewhere in the world: Chronicle of Global Resistance against the 2006 G8 Summit! on Reclaim the commons

There was a bbc report about us too which you can see here


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